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An SMS Marketing Campaign Infographic That Will Kick Your Campaign Into High Gear!

Despite the popularity of social media and online marketing, simple text messaging still remains as a popular means of reaching customers through digital means. Here is a useful infographic about the benefits an SMS marketing campaign can offer to your brand and how you can successfully mount one.

Why SMS marketing campaigns still work

The infographic notes that 97% of Americans send and receive at least one text message a day. This results in a staggering 8.3 trillion messages sent every year.

The high level of usage can be attributed to people still being more receptive to text messages over other forms of digital communication. They are likely to open 98% of the text messages they get. This is almost five times the typical open rates for emails. I don’t know about you, but I feel a more personal connection to messages which have my phone number then my email or social media.

With its widespread use, text messaging opens a large marketing opportunity for your brand. In fact, 44% of customers want to receive product information from brands through SMS messages. They agree that these messages are useful for making their purchase decisions.

The challenge here is how you can effectively take advantage of this opportunity. The easiest answer is to use the top SMS marketing software. These tools are able to coordinate, gather data, and generally organize your efforts.

Let’s look at the infographic now.

sms marketing campaign infographic

Infographic via Mobile Text Alerts

Doing an SMS marketing campaign the right way

Understanding your target audience is the first step in creating a successful SMS marketing campaign. Do some preliminary research to get as much information as you can from your target audience. Demographics and location are two important pieces of information, but don’t limit yourself to just those two. Know more about your target audience’s texting habits, such as:

  • How often they text
  • What time they want messages at
  • The type of messages they want to receive
  • Their general interests and hobbies

This will help you build a better profile of them and create more relevant messages. You can build this knowledge up with software like SendHub, which has great analytics.

Creating your SMS marketing campaign

An engaging set of text messages is at the core of a successful SMS marketing campaign. Some useful strategies for crafting your campaign text messages are:

  • Keep it short: Your messages should be no more than 160 characters long, the standard length supported by most mobile phones.
  • Make it personal: Include the names of customers in the messages to draw their attention. Their phones are where their friends (and momma) message them, you can try to appear to be like one of their friends.
  • Create exclusive offers: People always love exclusive deals and text messages are an easy way for them to grab such offers.
  • Use questions and surveys: Simple text surveys not only get your audience participating but also works as a means of gathering information from them.

Plan your campaign better by using SMS marketing programs like SimplyCast. A tool like this lets you easily compose and schedule your messages. You can even set up automated responses to keep the conversation with the audience going.

A well-planned SMS marketing campaign is a good addition to your overall digital marketing strategy. It will keep your audiences interacting with your brand by providing another channel for engagement. Learn more about the various SMS marketing strategies you can employ by exploring our blog.


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