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Over 30 SMS Templates for Marketing to Use in your Own Campaigns for Customers and Staff!

With all of the uses of SMS marketing available, it can be difficult to know where to start and what to say. It’s also important to keep messages as efficient as possible because of the character limit of traditional SMS messages.

The SMS templates for marketing provided here will help anyone build a successful SMS campaign, and also assist specific industries with what they should say, and how to best say it in the allotted characters. There will be room to alter each template slightly for unique product names and situations as well.

SMS templates for marketing: Sales and promotions

Increasing sales is the end goal of any marketing campaign, and this certainly applies to SMS marketing campaigns. Making direct calls for sales via SMS can be effective thanks to how it connects to the 4.2 billion texters worldwide, and 90% open rates. The prevalence of smartphones, and their instant connection to people, also adds to the effectiveness and benefits of text-based marketing.

1: Direct sales text: “COMPANY NAME is having a 25% off sale for all of August. Visit COMPANY NAME today at ADDRESS for your perfect fit!”sms message on phone

The word to focus on here is “today” as it creates a sense of urgency.

2: Reward program: “Get a XX% discount on our daily specials at COMPANY NAME right now by texting “Reward” to 555-555-1234.”

The goal of this is to create a more interactive SMS marketing campaign. Having a follow-up message prepared is important:

“Thank you for your response! Be sure to come in today to get your XX% discount. Keep paying attention to your phone for more rewards.”

3: Events: “Have a great March break with free entry for kids 10 and under at COMPANY NAME every week day! Find our hours at URL.”

Adding a URL here is another chance to push people to a website where they can learn more, and actually show up at the event. Another alternative here would be to provide the physical address of the business instead of the URL address. Sendhub has great analytics for tracking how well these URLs perform.

4: Updates to hours: “You can now shop in our store until 7 PM at COMPANY NAME from Monday-Friday. No more rushing after work!”

This could be a useful message to send based on holidays, such as a flower shop sending this right around Valentine’s Day.

5: Website updates: “Shop our collection 24/7 at URL! The COMPANY NAME website was just updated with new items you will enjoy!”

Be sure to tell people that there are new updates, don’t send them the URL for no reason. Try to make it even more personal by sending this to people who have purchased similar products in the past to was just updated.

6: Subscription invitation: “Be an insider who knows about all the discounts and special offers coming from COMPANY NAME. Subscribe now: URL”

This will likely be done as part of a larger subscriber push. Be sure to have some sort of offer ready for when people actually start subscribing so they see the value of their subscription immediately.

SMS templates for marketing: Contests and polls

Many businesses choose to conduct contests and polls via SMS as it vastly increases active participation in the campaign, rather than passively opening, reading, and forgetting a message. Having a highly engaged audience is the most viable aspect any SMS campaign.

We’ve all seen Eurovision an American Idol do well with SMS voting and contests. Any business can do it and benefit, especially when using SMS marketing software with contest and poll features built right into it. Avochato is probably the best software with this feature. Use it to create even better contest and polls, with insightful data analysis built-in.

7: Product research: “What is your favorite product offered by us at COMPANY? Text your reply to enter for a chance to get 10% off your next purchase!”

This is actually a contest disguised as product research. It is a very common tactic to help gauge the interest of the most engaged people in an audience.

8: Audience research: “For XX% off your next purchase, text us your preferred option by replying A for THING 1, B for THING 2, or C for THING 3.”

The goal here is to find out the specific interests of an audience. This should be related to future content generation, product development, or location and device-use data needs.

9: Text to win: “To win a free PRODUCT, text XXXX to 555-555-1234 now. Winners will be announced on Friday via SMS, so pay attention to your phones!”

Sending a text to win message is pretty simple, the trick here is building further engagement into the contest by requiring people to pay attention to messages from the business in the future. The goal is to build positive emotions towards messages coming from the business. TargetEveryone has a built-in text to win feature that’s easy to use.

10: Ongoing contest: “Text WORD to 555-555-1234 to be entered into our weekly/monthly contest for XX% off your next purchase. You could be a winner!”

Creating an ongoing contest takes a little bit more coordination, but the interest that it drives can be truly phenomenal. It makes it easier to slip other marketing messages in which are going to be opened and paid attention to in anticipation of another contest notification.

11: Email cross-promotion: “Send your email address to 555-555-1234 in order to enter our latest contest! You’ll be notified via that email address if you win!”

Sometimes, SMS marketing is not entirely about driving SMS goals. Doing some cross-promotion can drive other marketing campaign, with social media being another one to include.

12: Didn’t win: “Thank you for entering the CONTEST NAME contest. Unfortunately, you did not win. Pay attention to our messages for more chances to win!”

They lost, but it’s possible to end on a positive note. Let them down gently with a glimmer of hope for winning in the future so that they keep paying attention to messages sent by the business.

13: Won the contest: “CONGRATULATIONS! You’re the lucky winner of our CONTEST NAME contest, and will get XX% off. Contact us at 555-555-1234.”

Other ways to go about this include:

“CONGRATULATIONS! You’re the lucky winner of CONTEST NAME. Get XX% off at URL before XX/XX/XXXX by claiming this code at checkout: DISCOUNT CODE.”

This option allows the winner to use their prize right away without any further interaction from the administering business through the use of a discount code redeemed during the checkout process.

Again, don’t forget that social media is a great cross-promotional opportunity with SMS marketing:

Especially Twitter, which many enjoy right on their smartphone.

SMS templates for marketing: Appointments

Sometimes, it’s hard enough to remember what day of the week it is let alone what appointments are scheduled for the day. For businesses which rely upon appointments, this can be a major issue as missed appointments cost them lost revenue. SMS marketing is perfect for overcoming this problem as it sends a reminder directly to the person’s phone. TextMagic has features which allow scheduled messages to be sent easily.

It is recommended that these messages are sent about 24 hours in advance so that the recipients have time to make any last minute changes. Be sure to include the name of the company, the location, the exact time and date of the appointment, and a phone number for changes.

14: Barbershop: “You have a hair appointment with NAME tomorrow at XX:XXam/pm at BUSINESS NAME. Please call 555-555-1234 with any questions.”

Feel free to swap the business name and the name of the person conducting the haircut, but be sure to include both names at some point to use the personal connection between the barber and the client. Customers may not care about hurting the business by not showing, but they may care about hurting the person.

15: Dental appointments: “Your dentist appointment with Dr. LAST NAME is scheduled for XX/XX/XXXX, at TIME. Call the CLINIC NAME team at 555-555-1234 with questions.”

Notice how the name of the dentist is still used. Despite people not having the best relationship with the person sticking sharp things in their mouth, there can still be some personal connection.

16: Spa: “CLIENT NAME, your SPECIFIC SERVICE is tomorrow at TIME. Be sure to arrive 10 minutes early. Thank you, we look forward to seeing you.”

The language here is much friendlier and more welcoming. Including the name of the specific service gives the client something to look forward to as well as the client starts thinking about that massage or manicure they’ll soon be enjoying.

17: Real estate: “AGENT NAME of COMPANY NAME will be showing you ADDRESS tomorrow at 2pm. Call her/him at 555-555-1234 with any questions.”

The smart move here is to include the address of the home or property being shown. People looking for real estate are rarely looking at one property at time.

18: Personal training: “Get ready to get pumped up with TRAINER NAME at TIME tomorrow! Arrive early and we’ll see you at GYM NAME, ready to go!”

There’s obviously a lot more room for energy in a personal training reminder. Mentioning the name of the trainer is recommended because the connection between trainer and client is very personal.sms logo

19: Banking and finance: “BANK NAME is reminding you of your appointment with your account manager, NAME, on DATE at our ADDRESS office.”

Notice how the tone is a little bit more direct and formal for a bank. This will reflect their overall communication strategy.

20: Hotels: “Get ready for a great stay at HOTEL from XX/XX/XXXX – XX/XX/XXX. Contact us at 555-555-1234 for changes, or URL for available dates.”

Adding the option of the URL can help free up your booking agents. It is still important the phone number is there for immediate clarification. Don’t forget a reminder as well.

“Are your bags packed? Your stay at HOTEL NAME is set for tomorrow! Check in time is TIME, and your check out time on DATE is TIME.”

21: Cancellations: “Unfortunately, EMPLOYEE NAME is ill today and your appointment at XX:XXam/pm must be rescheduled. Please call 555-555-1234 to reschedule.”

This is a very difficult message to send, but it must be sent. The hope is that by including the name of the ill employee there will be some sympathy for the situation from the client.

SMS templates for marketing: Notifications

This is primarily related to delivery notifications, and nearly every business now has some sort of deliveries going on with orders being placed online.

22: Payment accepted: “Payment for order number 12345678 has been accepted. COMPANY will let you know as soon as your order is processed!”

This is going to be step one in a process which goes from the product being ordered to its final delivery.

23: Order processed: “Order number 123456789 from COMPANY has been processed. We’ll let you know when it is out for delivery. Please call 555-555-1234 for any changes.”

It’s important to give people a point of contact right after the order has been processed just in case there are any last minute additions. Maybe they forgot something and want to add it to their order, or they made an error in the delivery address.

24: Out for delivery: “Your order number 123456789 from COMPANY has been sent from our warehouse. It will be delivered today between XX:XXam/pm – XX:XXam/pm.”

Including the company name is important as it keeps the business front of mind. Every SMS messages is an important touch point for a brand, and keeping the brand name in people’s mind is important. It can be even more important as people start to anticipate the delivery of their exciting new product and associate that positive emotion with the brand name.

25: Delivered: “Yahoo! Your order from COMPANY NAME was delivered today to ADDRESS. We all hope you enjoy it. Order from us again soon: URL.”

The URL being included gives people a chance to make another purchase. This can be an advantageous time as they are going to be happy with their new product. If they are not happy this is an opportunity for them to vent their frustrations and have them addressed by customer support staff.

26: Reminder: “Your delivery is still waiting at ADDRESS. If you are unable to receive it, please call 555-555-1234 to make arrangements.”

This applies to items which are delivered to stores and other delivery points rather than homes.

27: Returns: “Your order #123456789 from COMPANY NAME was returned to our warehouse on DATE. Please contact us at 555-555-1234 to make arrangements.”

Items can occasionally sit for so long that they are returned to sender. Businesses must make some sort of effort to find out why, and to have another contact point with customers.

SMS templates for marketing: Payments

Everyone needs reminders for payments every now and then, how the message is worded matters for a lot. With the right wording, and the right link, payments can be completed thanks to SMS marketing.

28: Payment due: “Your payment for policy #12345678 is due DATE. Please visit this link to pay in advance: URL.”

It never hurts to be polite and use a “please.” Including the policy or reference number for verification is essential, while adding the date creates a sense of urgency without being pushy.

29: Overdue payment: “Your payment for policy #12345678 is past due. Visit this link now to make a payment: URL. Failure to do so will result in additional fees.”

More direct language is being used, with the addition of even more urgency being added in the last sentence. For those who want to handle overdue payments with a phone number, here is a better template.

“Your payment for policy #12345678 is past due. Call us immediately to arrange payment 555-555-1234. Failure to do so will result in additional fees.”

30: In default: “Policy #12345678 is now in default. You must call us at 555-555-1234 by XX/XX/XXXX to arrange payment or this will be given to a collection agency.”

This goes one step further in the progression. Don’t jump immediately to handing over to a collection agency as they will take a percentage of the money when there is an opportunity to apply more pressure.

31: Recurring payment: “You missed your monthly payment dated XX/XX/XXXX. The amount owing is $XXX.XX, additional charges may apply. Call 555-555-1234 now.”

People getting behind on recurring payments can become a problem very quickly. SMS messages are a way for businesses to stay on top of having people pay these in a timely manner.

Keep in mind that all of the above messages can be adapted to different forms of payment. The word “policy” can easily be replaced by:

  • Invoice
  • Loan
  • Payment
  • Debt

Using the correct language to address the consumer is important as they should not be confused as to what they are being billed for.

SMS templates for marketing: Messaging staffsms texting

This is something which many businesses neglect, but SMS marketing can be used to communicate with staff in a variety of ways. This will lessen the burden on HR employees, and increase the speed at which information is shared with the employee.

32: Staff events: “Be sure to register today at URL to be part of our annual EVENT NAME this year! Buy a ticket for a chance to win a door prize!”

It never hurts to get staff excited about an upcoming event. Some SMS messages like this can soften the blow for unpleasant messages which may have to be sent in the future… Like working more hours and shift changes.

33: Shift changes: “NAME, sorry, but your shift on XX/XX/XXXX at XX:XXam/pm has been moved to XX/XX/XXX at XX:XXam/pm. Contact your manager at 555-555-1234 for more.”

This is never a pleasant message to send. Be sure to personalized it with the employee’s name (so they know it’s for them), and that it has a phone number for immediate contact if need be. This can also be adapted to cancellations:

“NAME, sorry, but your shift on XX/XX/XXXX at XX:XXam/pm has been canceled. Contact your manager at 555-555-1234 for more.”

In this instance, it may be better to call them than send a message. This will ultimately be determined by human resources.

34: Meetings: “This is a reminder of your meeting at XX:XXam/pm with NAME on XX/XX/XXXX. Call 555-555-1234 for any scheduling needs.”

This can be sent either the day before the meeting, or the day of the meeting. It would be worthwhile to use SMS software track the analytics on which option results in better attendance.

35: Meeting delay: “EMPLOYEE NAME, sorry to say that your meeting with OTHER PERSON has been delayed to XX/XX/XXX at XX:XXam/pm.”

It may also be advantageous to include a phone number to call incase that time does not work.

Using these SMS templates for marketing

Every SMS marketing campaign is slightly different, with goals and audiences that have different needs in order to succeed. The SMS templates above can guide a wide variety of these goals, and push anyone towards easily creating successful SMS messages.

In order for any SMS campaign to be successful, the use of SMS marketing software is practically a requirement. These tools allow for greater organization, automation, data collection, and make it so that it does not have to be conducted through an actual phone.