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4 Businesses That Can Do Better With SMS Marketing

Even with the growth of other digital marketing platforms, SMS marketing has remained as an effective means for businesses to reach out to their customers. Here are some of the businesses and industries that can get a big boost from SMS messaging and how they can use the strategy effectively.

SMS marketing for banking

One of the common uses banks have for text messaging is as a component for their overall mobile banking systems. SMS serves as an easy way for you to get information about your bank account. Banks also use SMS for combating fraud, alerting you of transactions involving your account, such as this one.

sms marketing exmple banking

You can then easily confirm or block these transactions just by sending a text.

Making transactions easy

Going beyond providing you with account updates, banks use text messaging for facilitating quick transactions. They use a pull messaging system for this, where you select a specific transaction type using a text keyword and specify an amount to send for the transaction.

This mobile banking service is often employed by banks for small transactions such as bill payments and small fund transfers. It saves both you and your bank precious time since you don’t have to go through lengthy processes to confirm the transaction. It would be wise to set a limit transaction limit on this.

SMS marketing for healthcare businesses

The healthcare industry is another field that can get a lot of benefits from SMS marketing:

  • Effectively maintaining patient privacy is a major component. This is especially the case if you are dealing with medical situations that patients would not want to discuss over the phone.
  • With a text-based system, your customers can easily schedule and confirm their appointments with doctors and facilities that you manage.
  • The system can also be used to deliver alerts and reminders about appointments and prescription pickups.

TextMagic is one useful tool for managing these scheduled alerts.

sms marketing scheduled messages

Providing useful information

You can also take advantage of text messaging to provide your patients with useful health information. Setting up a text-based news subscription service will let you:

  • Share the latest health news with your patients
  • Provide updates about your clinic
  • Talk about health-related events that they might be interested in

Your patients will find this information handy for better handling their conditions with your help.

Ultimately, such additional services will help you build a better relationship with your patients by making it easier for them to talk to you about their conditions. This better relationship can even encourage them to recommend you to other patients.

SMS marketing for restaurants

Restaurants and other food service businesses will find text-based marketing a useful tool for attracting a steady flow of customers. They will allow you to come up with various SMS promotions that will get the interest of both old and new customers:

  • On the spot discount codes that they can use while dining
  • Exclusive text offers to new diners
  • Time-sensitive discount offers

Incorporate all these promos into a single SMS-based loyalty program to better entice customers to subscribe.


Delivering better services

SMS marketing can also help you deliver better services to patrons. Setting up a text messaging-based reservation system is an effective way of managing the flow of regular customers. This will also help you ensure that their demands are met. Add a simple cancellation feature for their benefit and to better coordinate reservations.

SMS messaging could also be used for internal communications. You can send staff reminders and alerts about work schedules. Additionally, this can be used to inform them of any last minute changes in reservations and help them prepare for the necessary adjustments.


SMS marketing for automotive businesses

If you are running a car dealership, SMS marketing will help attract prospective buyers. A simple way to do this is by setting up a booking system where customers can schedule viewings, test drives, and maintenance and repairs. This will encourage them to drop by your showroom more often.

Make these promotional services enticing by incorporating different media into your messages. Add photos of the cars available for test drives in your booking message to help customers assess the vehicles, as an example. You can use services like Sendhub to better handle MMS messages for this purpose.

Providing support after purchase

SMS messaging is an effective means of delivering after-purchase support to your customers. This includes alerts about scheduled maintenance services like oil and tire changes. One example is demonstrated below:

 Take this a step further by creating a text newsletter, where your customers can receive regular tips and advice about proper car maintenance. Some of these maintenance tips can apply directly to their vehicle and its needs.

Get the most out of SMS marketing like these businesses

With 98% of people opening text messages just a few minutes after receipt, businesses can get lots of marketing mileage from SMS marketing. Some of the businesses that will find a lot of use for SMS messaging are:

  • Banks: Creating a text-based mobile banking system helps streamline transactions for customers.
  • Healthcare: Text messaging is an effective way to develop a stronger relationship with your patients.
  • Restaurants: Use SMS marketing to entice customers to more regularly visit your place.
  • Automotive businesses: Use text messaging to provide support for car buyers during and after purchases, as well as for service and maintenance.

While these might be specific examples, their strategies can be applied to any businesses. Follow their lead as any business can gain a lot from SMS marketing.